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Nurses H1 Visa

Nurses H-1C visas
H1-C visa, also known as nurse visa, is a kind of temporary visa that allows foreign nationals to come and work in the United States. The visa holders are allowed to work as registered nurses (RN) in the health sector. Annually, only 500 visas are issued as employment is limited in this particular field. In order to obtain H-1 C visa, it is mandatory to fulfil the following conditions:
• Applicants have to obtain nursing education along with valid license to practice nursing in his/her home country.
• Necessary to clear the CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing School) certification program.
• Eligible to comply with licensure agreement at the employment place.
• The hospital which an applicant is about to join must satisfy certain eligibility conditions in order to file petition for applicant under H-1 C visa.

Benefits of the visa

• At the time of application, an applicant is not required to maintain any kind of foreign residence. Additionally, it is not required on his part to show that he has any plans to return to his home country after completion of the required work.
• As long as an applicant is enjoying H1 C status, his/her dependants can stay with him/her.
• If an applicant has a valid visa, he/she is free to move in and out of the United States.

Length of stay and other highlights

• The visa is issued for three years. Extension is allowed in some cases only.
• A visa holder is allowed to bring his dependants in the US. Dependants will be given an H4 visa and are not allowed to work, though can opt for attending school.
• If an applicant's term of stay is valid, he can change his employer.
• An applicant is ineligible to opt for full time study under H-1 C visa.
• In the case employment is terminated by the employer; return cost of transportation must be borne by the employer.

Cases when visa application can be rejected

In the following conditions, the H1 C visa applications can get rejected:
1. The application is incomplete or not filled in time
2. The registered nurse fails to clear the eligibility criteria
3. The attestation requirement is not met by the employer hospital
4. Employer is not recognized as a employer
5. The ceiling limit has expired or crossed

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